I discovered the Vida Plena Chiropractic Centre through some friends who were receiving care there. I had had a muscle spasm in my leg for a long time that caused me pain and even limited my mobility. I had been receiving physiotherapy and although I noticed some improvement, the pain and mobility limitations still did not go away. I had to stop practicing sports which I love and for some time I felt discomfort just walking or doing daily activities. I also had some problems sleeping. In the two months I have been receiving Chiropractic Care I have noticed great improvement. The pain has almost completely disappeared and I have gone back to doing the same sports as before. I am also sleeping better. I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone as in my experience, and that of friends and associates who also receive care, it eases pain and discomfort and improves your quality of life and wellbeing.

Friendly, professional, caring, and an all-around pleasant experience! I had 1095 sleepless nights with my son, and after three sessions with Dr Benjamin Tinker everything has changed. My son looks much happier, sleeps well and even behaves better. Once you are here in Calpe don’t waste your time, start chiropractic care immediately! Wish you all good luck and good health! Anna W (mother)

I discovered the Vida Plena Chiropractic Centre as I have an apartment in the area and had noticed it from the street. The spine outside caught my eye. I was on holidays and my lower back seized suddenly. I had unbearable pain, I couldn ́t move or do anything. After two sessions I felt like a newborn, incredible to be honest. In fact I am going to continue a maintenance care plan in Switzerland, that ́s how pleased I am with the results and Dr Benjamin researched and recommended a chiropractor close to where I live there. Fantastic service!! I already have been recommending to all my friends in Spain to visit a chiropractor and if possible Vida Plena.

  • I was introduced to the Vida Plena Chiropractic Centre by Loli, the owner of Ópalo, the health food and natural products store. I had suffered a Bell ́s Palsy or facial paralysis, on the left side of my face. My father was so worried he took me to Denia hospital. There they told me to take cortisone. As my father did not agree with me taking such strong medication he went to Loli ́s shop to see if she had any ideas and he recommended I go to see Benjamin Tinker.   The facial paralysis happened overnight. I was studying in my fourth year at university, I was very stressed, in the mornings I was going to a local school to do work experience and in the afternoons I was going to the university to my lectures, I hardly had time to eat and what I did eat was junk food. And that ́s when it happened. I was left with half of my face completely paralized, I couldn ́t close my left eye, I had problems trying to eat, drink and even sleep. I didn ́t go to university for a month but I did go to the school to finish my internship and it was very difficult to do this with the paralysis. Primarily because I had lost a lot of sensitivity in my left ear and any noise no matter how small was very painful. So I missed out on a month of university and it was then that I realised that I had to take things at a slower pace. I still have the paralysis, I have had it for 87 days now, but I can close my and almost smile fully. All of the results have been positive.   Now that I am under Chiropractic Care, I feel great. I have learned the importance of our health in our lives. I have learned how important it is to maintain good posture in the neck and back, I have learned to not stress so easily and to relax my neck muscles. In truth it would have been quicker taking the cortisone that the medical doctor recommended, the paralysis would have lasted a month or a month and a half but I decided to opt for Chiropractic and not pollute my body with these strong medications.   I would recommend Chiropractic to other people. Even as an alternative form of medicine. Especially since it is a healthy option that benefits one hundred percent both your body and your mind. And of course I couldn ́t possibly not mention the professional, friendly and caring they have been towards me in Vida Plena. From Ben to Emma, everyone has been fantastic. So thank you so much Ben for helping me with my Bell ́s palsy and for giving me so much advice regarding my health and wellbeing.
  • Conocí al centro quiropráctico Vida Plena a través de Loli de la tienda de productos naturales Ópalo. Resulta que sufrí una parálisis en la cara, en la mitad izquierda. Mi padre se preocupó tanto que me llevó al Hospital de Denia. Allí me dijeron que tenía que tomar cortisona. Como mi padre no estaba de acuerdo en que me tomara ese medicamento tan potente, fue a la tienda de Loli y ella le recomendó a Ben. Así que al día siguiente me presenté en la clínica buscando posibles soluciones a mi parálisis facial. La parálisis facial me apareció de un día para otro. Yo estaba cursando cuarto de carrera universitaria, me encontraba muy estresada; por las mañanas iba de colegio a hacer prácticas y por las tardes iba a las clases de la universidad. Apenas tenía tiempo para comer y lo que comía era comida basura. Y entonces sucedió. Me quedé con media cara absolutamente paralizada, no podía cerrar el ojo izquierdo, no podía sonreír con el labio izquierdo, tenía problemas para comer, beber, hablar y dormir. Estuve un mes sin ir a la universidad pero sí iba de colegio a terminar mis prácticas y fue muy complicado hacer las prácticas con mi parálisis. Sobre todo porque había perdido sensibilidad en el oído izquierdo y cualquier ruido por pequeño que fuese, me hacía mucho daño. www.quiropracticavidaplena.com